12 Best Online Courier and Delivery Services In Bangladesh

Online Courier and Delivery Services In Bangladesh

Getting your packages to the right people at the right place and time can be a hassle for you and your customers!

Ordering takeaway isn’t stressful and neither should be sending a package. With delivery services when you need them. 

Say goodbye to hassle with online courier and delivery services in Bangladesh.

There are a number of online courier and delivery services in Bangladesh. To help you pick the best service out of these, we are going to talk about the best online courier and delivery services in Bangladesh.

All the companies mentioned here offer the same or similar delivery services. So, by considering all these factors, you can easily select the best service provider for you. The main thing is to choose a company that provides reliable service and has a good reputation in the industry.

Here’s the list of the best e-courier & delivery in Bangladesh.

Pathao Courier

Pathao Courier is an innovative solution to fulfil your delivery needs in a more efficient way. Pathao provides a reliable and customized delivery solution by connecting retailers with its network of agents, which are already operating as local entrepreneurs.

Pathao offers its customers various payment options and makes it easy for retailers to accept online orders, manage them, track delivery schedules and communicate with their drivers through an easy-to-use mobile application.

It is also possible for retailers to request or decline deliveries without fees. Pathao will drastically reduce costs for both customers and agents by reducing unnecessary trips, thus reducing traffic congestion, parking problems, traffic hazards and

Live Product Status

We provide you with the option of a real-time delivery state with which you can know the current status of product delivery. Pathao Courier is also a 24/7 service that allows you to track your packages in real-time via the internet. Pathao Couriers ensures 100% accuracy on delivery time and update you once it has been delivered. The courier agents are available for tracking queries any time of day or night.

Call Center Support

The Pathao call centre support and key account managers are there to take care of all kinds of queries and needs of clients. Callers can ask for information, share the good news, ask for support or even lodge a formal complaint. They have full control over who picks up their call and how often they want a representative to pop in. This makes the customer experience mind-blowing as they don’t have to wait in long queues for someone to pick up their calls. This revolutionary approach also eliminates the need for agents that are hired just for servicing specific queries.”

Sundarban Courier Service

Finding the right courier in Bangladesh can be a nightmare. With such a large and diverse country, locating couriers in different cities is a time-consuming task.

Combine this with the fact that you typically want a quick turnaround on each parcel you send to your customer, and you have two big problems to solve.

Eliminating guesswork from your delivery operations makes sense, especially when there is so much of it going around. Our easy-to-navigate platform gets rid of all the hassle that comes with finding any kind of courier service in Bangladesh. Some of the services offered by Sundarban Courier Service are Door-to-Door Express Delivery, Transport Services, Residential & Office Address Delivery, International

Sundarban Courier is a very famous courier company in Bangladesh. It has been working in the courier industry since 1993 under the leadership of Late. Mofazzal Hossain, a freedom fighter and former chairman of the Bangladesh Air Force. After his death, this organisation was taken over by Shatabdi Begum, wife of late Mr Mofazzal Hossain, who is also a freedom fighter. They are now serving under the able guidance of Akhteruzzaman Mia, who has been working with us as General Manager since 2011.

SA Paribahan

Have a parcel you want to send? Maybe it’s time-sensitive, or valuable, and you don’t want to risk using a lesser courier.

You need security and a courier that will get your items where they’re going faster than any other.

SA Paribahan is the most widely used courier service in Bangladesh. You can track your deliveries from door-to-door with their real-time tracking online system that keeps you informed throughout the process. And for peace of mind, they have mobile apps so you can schedule an appointment, track your shipment or enjoy pretty much any other feature SA Paribahan has available at the touch of your finger.

The SA Paribahan courier service is most popular for its quick delivery time in Bangladesh. It provides customers with much more security and advanced benefits than other Parcels and Courier in Bangladesh. Salahuddin Ahmed is the chairman and Managing Director of the SA Paribahan. You can easily send parcels to others or collect parcels from others with the help of SA Paribahan. This courier service was established on 23 July 1972 by Begum Nasrin Fahim, a local female entrepreneur who had a dream to transform Bangladesh into a literate society. Today this company has about 10,000 employees working round the clock to provide the best delivery experience.

REDX Delivery

REDX Delivery is a logistics company with the aims of providing tech-first delivery support to aid Bangladesh’s expanding e-commerce sector. With a talented, hard-working workforce and exclusive services, REDX Delivery is designed for business owners like you can take their service & save time and money. You will get your product in one day to your customers without any delays. This reduces the risk of businesses failing because of a lack of a good delivery system.

The most important element of business success is providing good customer service. The way to get repeat customers is to provide above-and-beyond service. REDX Delivery is a tech-first logistics company designed specifically for e-commerce companies like yours. The company has been built to provide the fastest delivery service in Bangladesh, using both human and automated agents.


eCourier is an innovative online courier service that provides on-demand delivery and pickup services for online purchases by taking away the need for costly third-party delivery or pick up & return service. It started its journey back in 2014 and is now available in multiple countries worldwide. The mission of this company is to revolutionize the way businesses transact with their customers while creating a unique experience for each customer. With a network of 17000+ merchant partners from various industries across the globe, eCourier transforms the way products are delivered and helps businesses save time/costs/effort while enhancing the customer

eCourier is a community-based, next-generation courier service for merchants that offers multiple delivery options for home and store pickup & return services, in 40 major metro areas across the U.S. They provide hassle-free, same day or next day deliveries, with high fidelity tracking, free shipping labels, unlimited packages and flat-rate pricing.’

Delivery Tiger

Delivery Tiger is a trustworthy logistic company that delivers happiness! With the most advanced facilities and well-trained employees, they deliver your favourite stuff fast, fresh and on time. They focus on customer’s expectations to deliver their happiness.

Delivery Tiger was established in 2019, by one of the two brothers who were born here in Bangladesh and had gone through a lot in their life. They started with a small freight company until they got enough customers’ trust that they expanded to other business areas. Now they are one of the fastest delivery service providers in Bangladesh.

Sheba Delivery

Sheba.XYZ is an innovative online service provider that caters to many services to the people. From providing a secure communication platform for people to deliver parcels of packages from one location to another, Sheba is a platform that promotes trust and helps facilitate digital communication.

Sheba Delivery is a service of Sheba.XYZ. it provides your business with parcel deliveries at a cost of 50% below the current market rate. By choosing Sheba Delivery, you get to choose your own route and duration. The process is simple and easy. You just have to open an account with them and request delivery slots in the region you want us to cover. To make sure that all merchants are comfortable with Sheba Delivery, there will be a 30 days period money-back guarantee policy.

Janani Express Parcel Service

Janani Express Parcel Service started its journey as a publisher in 1980 and is now one of the largest courier services in Bangladesh. The company has six authorized branches, all located inside Dhaka metropolitan area except one which is Kunirhat, Narayangonj district. The main office is located at 49/2 Gulshan Avenue, which is also the registered office. Md. Abul Kashem Sarker, chairman of the Janani Group, has taken a keen interest in expanding the business. Currently, it delivers products all over Bangladesh. However, They have our eyes on overseas markets as well.

USB Express

Having to deal with unreliable postal services. The time that could be spent growing your business being lost as you wait for important deliveries; or, in the worst case, having to shell out steep fines for missing shipments or parcels.

Imagine if there was a way of cutting out the stress and getting on with running your business.

USB Express – Your reliable and fast courier service in Bangladesh.

USB Express is one of the most well-known courier services in Bangladesh. They deliver customer service through their branches all over the country. USB Express is an assistant company of US Bangla Airlines. Since 2009 US Bangla has been operating as an Asset Development Company in Bangladesh. US Bangla started its commercial operations in June 2010 with single-engine aeroplanes and since then they have been operating on different routes with bigger aircraft types.

DHL Bangladesh

DHL is a leading global logistics company, aligned our vast resources, network expertise and industry knowledge to bring you a wide range of customized solutions, from domestic to cross border shipments, from air express to freight transport, from contract logistics to supply chain solutions.

In the year of 2012, DHL began its operation in Bangladesh. Since then it is still growing up with a vision to be one of the largest successful express companies in the world. The head office of DHL Express is located in the Gulshan area. Dhaka-Pakistan Legal Route started its business on 2nd October 2012 which is operated by a team of 11 people while Logistics Centre opened for business in Savar on 7th December 2014 which is operated by a team of 32 people. The company’s main objective is to provide customers with reliable and high-quality service which they deserve by providing them with all necessary

United Express Bangladesh

United Express provides competitive rates for courier services in Bangladesh. it ensures that your parcel will arrive safely at its destination on time. United Express serves around the world to thousands of locations worldwide and we are recognized by the global authority, Dubai based Aramex International.

United Express Bangladesh is a special express delivery service run by the United Parcel Service of America. It began operations in Dhaka in 2003 and has grown to provide reliable deliveries to 220 countries across the world. Its main goal is to improve trade and commerce through the timely delivery of packages. The agency has professional staff who are trained to handle the documents and parcels with care. Their services are very fast as compared to other courier services.

Karatoa Courier Service

Karatoa Courier Services: Since its formation in 2006, Karatoa Courier Service is rapidly growing into a leading courier service provider in Bangladesh. The main motto of this company is to serve the customer at the doorstep by maintaining superior quality services and support. they are a young and energetic group achieving remarkable success since its inception. Our policy of selecting highly motivated individuals has played a pivotal role in achieving the fastest growth rate in the industry.

The courier service of this company is famous for its punctuality. It was established in 1993 and is now one of the leading couriers in Bangladesh. There are about 130 delivery service branches that cover 64 districts and 15000 villages in Bangladesh. The most distinctive feature of this courier service is that it has introduced a new courier bicycle. A new courier bicycle named ‘BANDO’ has been introduced by this company to provide hasslefree service not only to their customers but also to the general public.’

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