8 Best Online Qurbani Gorur Haat In Bangladesh

Online Qurbani Gorur Haat In Bangladesh

Eid ul Adha is the holiest of all Islamic festivals. It’s a time where Muslims reflect on the good they’ve done over the past year and try to cleanse themselves for the coming year by sacrificing an animal and donating to charity.

In this corona time, it’s difficult to buy Qurbani animals from the physical market. So why not try Online Qurbani Haat in Bangladesh. I think this is the best time to buy an animal for kurbani online.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the best Online Qurbani Gorur Haat In Bangladesh. So let’s dive right in

#1. KhaasFood Online Qurbani Gorur Haat In Bangladesh

KhaasFood Online Gorur Haat

KhaasFood is an online grocery store selling fresh, pure and unadulterated food to every household in Bangladesh. With continuous awareness-raising campaigns, they have built a strong base of loyal customers Dhaka Food Authority tested the products from this brand and found them completely free from any kind of chemical or microbes. This is indeed a remarkable achievement by the team behind KhaasFood.

This year, KhaasFood has created a one-stop online Qurbani Fair to bring you the best Qurbani experience. At KhaasFood, their goal is to provide you with an authentic and ethical experience that gives you access to information about the cattle in their possession. The cows they procure are all tested for age, weight, height, colour. They are sent to ensure that there is no mix-up in delivery. At KhaasFood, they take care of every detail so that you are dealing with an authentic product that comes directly from the farm.

#2. Daraz Qurbanir Haat

Daraz Qurbanir Haat

Daraz is the biggest e-commerce website in Bangladesh. Over the years, this online marketplace has been bringing the nation’s best sellers and merchants right to your doorstep. Whether you want to buy computer parts or groceries, there is a Daraz for that.

This year they launch an online Kurbanir haat called Daraz Kurbanir Haat.

Daraz Kurbanir Haat is a marketplace where you can buy live cows of different breeds with a drop-off service at your doorstep. Whether you are looking for a milk cow, a draught cattle or a playful bull, you can find it all here. It not only saves you time and energy but also give you peace of mind while dealing with such an important matter as Corona Virus. Also, it helps farmers to avoid middlemen and get affordable prices for their products directly to their doorstep. So don’t delay any longer and choose Daraz Qurbanir Haat as your best destination.

Daraz addresses the concerns of every participant who buys and sells cows and cattle in Bangladesh. The Daraz team has developed a model to ensure that you have access to all varieties of cows and cattle, as well as have the ability to buy or sell your animals with complete ease. By using this model, Daraz seeks to assure fair and transparent price discovery for both sellers and buyers through an online platform.

#3. Bengal Meat

Bengal Meat

Bengal Meat has taken extra care to provide healthy and safe meat during the quarantine. Their cattle have been quarantined since March, with constant check-ups from health experts. Due to the risk of contamination, Bengal meat will not be selling live cows to customers. The cattle of their factory will be slaughtered manually, processed, and delivered to their customer’s doorstep.

Bengal Meat is the first world-class slaughterhouse in the country. It provides meat and meat-based products of the highest quality. It is operated under the supervision of Australian experts to produce world-class beef. This Qurbani, Bengal Meat is only selling cows. Goats or sheep aren’t available. You can select your preferred cow from its gender, colour, breed, age, and feed type.

Bengal Meat is here to provide you with high quality, yet affordable and safe meat. they have made its primary goal to ensure that their cattle have been quarantined under the strictest conditions. This takes extra time and effort on their end, but they know it is necessary to provide you with healthy and safe food. Bengal Meat prides itself in ethical business practices and also has an animal cruelty policy in place that forbids any mistreatment of animals during the production process or during transport.

#4. Qurbani Cow & Goat by Priyoshop

Qurbani Cow & Goat by Priyoshop

PriyoShop is a renowned name in the e-commerce industry. Established in 2013, PriyoShop has captured hearts all over the country as a trusted online platform.

PriyoShop is now Selling Qurbani Cattle. Visit their newly added Eid ul Adha Section to Order your Cow and Goat. All the cattle are 100% true-breeding cows and goats (Genetic testing is done at our headquarters). They have taken great pains to source only the best breeders who deliver to animals that conform to the established standards of rearing as well as excellence in animal health. The cattle are raised under controlled conditions with no use of growth promoters or medicines.

#5. Eorder.com.bd


Eorder is carefully curated with authentic and unique products that usually are not available in regular stores.

Eorder.com.bd is a Qurbani collection website featuring over a hundred cows. These cows are of different breeds, colours, and sizes. Each has a unique token number that you can use while ordering. Moreover, the site allows you to zoom in on the highly defined photographs taken of the cows to help you in your purchase. You can sort the available cows based on price, vendor, and brand.

#6. Bikroy Gorur haat

Bikroy Gorur hat

Bikroy is a buy and sells community in Bangladesh. Started in 2012, the website and mobile application have become a popular place to sell used clothes, shoes, accessories, and much more. The website’s popularity led to it being listed as a Top 8 Best Online Marketplace in Bangladesh by The Daily Star in early 2016. In addition to this, it was also selected as one of the Top 10 Best Websites for Mobile Payments in Asia by TechIn Asia in 2015.

Bikroy.com makes it convenient for users to buy and sell farm animals. Each type of animal has a description of that animal’s qualities, features, and care instructions that can help you become familiar with the types of animals available on Bikroy so that you can make an informed purchase decision. Users can post ads for selling farm animals in order to generate interest from buyers who would like to purchase livestock. Before buying an animal online, make sure you read all of the information posted about the animal so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

#7. Amar Desh Amar eShop

 Amar Desh Amar eShop

Amar Desh Amar eShop is a mission-driven organization and the first of its kind institute in Bangladesh that empowers rural workers and families. Through this website, rural families can sell their wares at an affordable rate. It is slowly creating opportunities for rural development in trade, health, and agriculture. They envision a world where every person has the chance to strive, grow and live with purpose.” Amar Desh Amar eShop’s vision is to empower rural people through online retailing. Rural communities are traditionally isolated from mainstream economies and commerce.

Our Amar Desh Amar site features Qurbani cattle, goats, and other animals for purchase. You can view pictures, check weight, height, and colour to choose the perfect animal. The site accepts payment from Visa, MasterCard, and Brac Bank. Your cow will be delivered to your doorstep as per your instructions.

#8. Jogaan Qurbani Haat

Jogaan Qurbani Haat

Jogaan Qurbani Haat is a Halal and Gourmet Qurbani Eid marketplace. You can buy Qurbani from Stall Owners or Processors at Jogaan. They have been selling Qurbani since 2015. Jogaan provides the best quality of meat for customers from all over the country as well as international communities. Cattle will be 100% organic and healthy. They also offer many varieties of meat like Goat, Lamb, Chicken, Duck, Poultry, Beef and Mutton.”

Jogaan gives goat and lamb processing services to clients in the Dhaka city area. It is 100% organic and healthy. The cattle will be slaughtered in a halal and hygienic way.


In eid ul Adha, many people want to Sacrifice Qurbani animals to Allah. But it is very difficult to go to the physical market to buy animals for Qurbani. So why not try Online Qurbani haat.

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